Hideo Kojima comes clean about his decision to partner with Sony, instead of the many other companies giving him offers, to make the upcoming Death Stranding.

Death Stranding made its first appearance at E3 2016 and though not much has been revealed about the upcoming game just yet, it has been cause for a lot of excitement in gamers everywhere.

The game sees Hideo Kojima, founder of Kojima Productions, partnering up with Sony to create a whole new title unlike any the man has made before. Now, in a new interview with Gameblog France, Kojima has revealed just why it was Sony he chose to help him make Death Stranding.

The former Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment said that he was approached with several offers from other companies but chose Sony because of their great working relationship. Not only that, but with Sony, Kojima didn’t have to make a pitch to sell his game to the company in a vaguely Kickstarter-like manner that he would have done with a “normal” company.

“With Sony, of course I explained to them my approach, but they immediately said: ‘Go ahead, do what you gotta do.’ They offer me their trust,” said Kojima. “All the energy you need to put in the preparation of a project, I was able to focus on creating. This makes a real difference.”

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Besides that, the developer stated that his relationship with Sony allowed him to focus on the creative part of game-making whereas another producer would surely ask for more time spent on ancillary tasks. From what the team has revealed to us in the Death Stranding announcement trailer, Kojima seems to certainly be allowed to work his creative magic with the title so far.

According to a recent series of tweets from Kojima Productions, the confusing nature of the trailer might be exactly the point. The handcuffs and umbilical cords present in the announcement are “connecting strands” that tie in with the game’s name, as do the stranding of the whales that make an appearance. Kojima Productions sure seem eager to keep people guessing about the name meaning for Death Stranding.

As fans eagerly try to figure out the clues behind the upcoming title’s mysterious nature, Kojima cryptically announced that the game has already begun, implying that we are all already involved in the future AAA title. For now we’re forced to wait and see what the game and the newly formed team has to offer, but we’re all very excited to see more revealed about this incredible project.

Death Stranding will be a PS4 exclusive, and its release date has not been announced.

Source: Gameblog France