Death Stranding: How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Holograms

The latest Hideo Kojima PS4 exclusive game Death Stranding has made great strides to incorporate fun easter eggs and content. Now fans of the Horizon Zero Dawn have a few holograms to enjoy.

In Death Stranding, the main character Sam can fix and upgrade several structures while sharing some unique personality in their work via an in-game social network that helps influence the Porter Grade System. Players can unlock these holograms after leveling up to Level 2, but there are also what are known as "Rare Holograms." Rare Holograms will unlock special holograms in-game without shout-outs to some of Hideo Kojima's most beloved work, and to the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.

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In order to locate the Horizon Zero Dawn holograms, players will have to take on several orders from Craftsman Prepper. Around Order 21, Sam will travel Southwest of Lake Knot City and fulfill an order where he will need to do quite a bit of work. Some of the tasks are simple and help to get Craftsman Prepper onto the Chiral Network.

Getting Craftsman Prepper on the UCA Chiral Network will take some time as Standard Orders will need to be fulfilled and Lost Cargo will need to be located. In order to find more of the Lost Cargo, travel to MULE camps and search their postboxes. All of these tasks will help to maintain a constant flow of supplies to Craftsman Prepper.

Once Craftsman Prepper reaches a Connection Level 3, the Watcher Hologram will unlock. At Connection Level 4 the Alloy hologram will unlock, and Connection Level 5 will unlock the Tallnecks Hologram.

It's interesting to note that Horizon Zero Dawn also included easter eggs within its game for Death StrandingPlayers can discover three separate items hidden throughout the map who are categorized under the Luden's logo, or Kojima's company logo. This symbol can also be seen as the necklace around Sam's neck.

There's no word yet on whether Death Stranding will have any easter eggs alluding to future content in the confirmed sequel to Horizon Zero DawnHowever, there are hours worth of hidden easter eggs to discover.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, with a PC release to follow in the summer of 2020.

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Source: IGN

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