Death Stranding: How to Soothe BB

Though Kojima Production’s inaugural independent title, Death Stranding, was shrouded in mystery for the longest time, players are finally getting to unravel the mysteries surrounding it. From the enigmatic BT’s that threaten Sam to the mysterious threads and strands that encapsulate many of the themes and inner workings of the game’s mechanics, one aspect of Death Stranding stands in the middle of them all: the BB.

The BB can almost be seen as the mascot of Death Stranding. It was heavily featured in promotional material and trailers, and a lot of early fascination centered around this mysterious baby floating in a tank of yellow fluid. However, the BB isn’t just a set-piece in Death Stranding. It is part of the journey and it needs attention and care throughout the game’s 40-60 hour runtime.

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What is a BB?

To first understand the purpose of Sam’s BB, or Bridge Baby, players must understand the threats known as BTs. BTs are mist-like humanoid creatures that threaten Sam over the course of the game. Throughout Sam’s journey, he will have to travel through BT-infested areas to reach certain destinations. Of course, both BBs and BTs are central to Death Stranding's themes and meaning. This is where Sam’s personal BB unit comes in.

BB units have the ability to sense the presence of BT’s, and are thus invaluable to Bridges operatives. Sam’s BB allows him to not only sense the direction of nearby BT’s, but can allow him to see the spectral forms they leave behind. However, if the BB unit is stressed, frightened, or unhappy, its ability to sense BTs is obstructed. Thus, soothing Sam’s BB is an utmost priority before and during those stressful BT encounters.

How to Soothe BB

The first thing players need to make note of is BB's stress level, which is indicated by an orange bar on the HUD. As BB's stress level rises, the bar will decrease and eventually, the BB will develop autotoxemia. To keep BB calm, players will first and foremost need to avoid stressful situations, such as falling from great heights, getting attacked by enemies like MULEs and BTs, and submerging or getting swept away in deep water. If you encounter situations like these, BB will start to cry.

To soothe BB, find somewhere safe and stable and hold down the L1 button to go into first person. Pressing down on the d-pad will allow Sam to examine his BB. Next, by pressing square Sam can soothe his BB. This can be done two ways: by simply using the buttons on the controller or by using motion controls to physically rock and swing the controller. Those settings can be changed within the control menu.

BB Connection Level

There are some other ways to quickly cure BB's stress levels, too. Finding and entering a hot spring will quickly bring BB's red stress bar back to orange. Also, entering private rooms in safe houses or secure locations will quickly reduce BB's stress level. Fast traveling to these locations can make the journey easier, but walking will always get the job done.

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Additionally, raising Sam’s connection level with his BB will reduce the amount of stress that BB feels overall. This can be done through multiple different actions, like moving through BB signs created by other players online, relaxing in hot springs, or even just moving through a BT-infested area undetected.

While BB acts as a tool for gameplay in the systems of Death Stranding, it is just as integral to the game’s plot as it is to its gameplay. While players looking forward to the PC and Epic Games Store release, players on PS4 are unraveling the intricacies of Death Stranding's systems. Hopefully, with these tips, players will be able to keep BB happy and healthy over the course of Sam’s journey. Remember: a happy BB is a healthy BB.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4, with a PC release coming in Summer 2020.

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