Death Stranding: How to Pee

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Death Stranding is the newest game from Hideo Kojima. Although it came to the market with tons of mixed reviews, Death Stranding has given its players a lot to talk about. From its almost hilarious in-game ads to the absolutely stunning graphics, there's a lot to love and a lot to dislike about this new title. One of the many facets of the game that have been filling up Reddit with memes is that the players can relieve themselves at various points in the game.

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What Does Using the Bathroom Do?

Death Stranding, like many Kojima games of the past, has a lot of details in the game that can actually change game play. So while players are out in the wide world trying to piece together what the Death Stranding was, they can influence the world by peeing, weirdly enough. Players have found a couple of uses for Sam Porter Bridges leavings in the game, depending on where the player chooses to go.

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Death Stranding: How to Pee

If players use the restroom in their Private Room, they can choose to either go number one or number two. Either of these will go to create explosives and weapons to help fight against BTs. The scientists at Bridges have gotten really creative in their fight against the Death Stranding. If players choose to pee out in the wild, a mushroom will spawn on the ground where the stream hits. If multiple players pee in the same location on mushrooms that already exists, it can unlock some items for all the players involved.

How to Pee

If players are looking for the source of all those funny Death Stranding peeing memes, they'll need to look no further than their own private quarters. To use the facilities in Sam's room, first players will have to locate the bathroom. Once inside, players can use the menu to wash up or use the toilet, either sitting or standing. Once the deed is done, players will be able to slam back some Monsters or change their clothes in the room.

Out in the wild (while players are liking each others ladders and ropes), it's a little different. Players can pee by bringing up the equipment menu. There's a Urinate option on the right side of the menu that will let players know exactly how full Sam's bladder currently is. If there's enough for Sam to need to relieve himself, players can then hold L2 to aim, then press R2 once Sam has found the right spot. Then make sure to tap right on the D pad to make sure that Sam zips his pants back up again afterward.

Although peeing in Death Stranding might not be as exciting as it has been in some games in the past, loads of players have been trying to make sure to use the same spots in the game to see what sorts of items can be unlocked. It's another one of those incredibly weird details that make Kojima games just a little different from the rest.

Death Stranding is available for PS4 and PC.

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