Death Stranding: How to Increase Carry Weight

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Players on PS4 are currently crossing the broken remains of the United States in Death Stranding. Though players are now discovering about how long Sam’s journey will take secrets, tips, and helpful tricks are still being uncovered constantly from Hideo Kojima’s latest enigmatic release.

Death Stranding sees its main character, Sam, traveling all over the barren wastelands of the game’s world delivering cargo to different locations. However, Sam is only one guy and he can only carry about 120kg of weight. At first, anyway. By performing consistent deliveries and by upgrading an item in the game known as the Power Skeleton, Sam can increase how much weight he can carry.

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Increasing Carry Weight

One way to slowly but surely increase Sam’s overall carry weight is simply to perform deliveries swiftly, efficiently, and without accidents. Naturally, using the unlockable vehicles in the game will help speed things along. Sam’s deliveries will be graded on overall performance, and good ratings will slowly build up how much overall weight Sam can carry. Unfortunately, this method is meant to slowly build overtime, meaning players won’t be seeing substantial boosts at once.

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The other method, however, will give a more substantial boost to Sam’s carry weight. By receiving and upgrading the Power Skeleton item, Sam will be able to carry much more weight on his deliveries. Combining this method with the Floating Carrier item is a great way to carry more cargo. Thankfully, getting the Power Skeleton is fairly simple, and can be done relatively quickly just by following the story missions.

The Power Skeleton

In order to get the Power Skeleton, players will first need to clear missions in the story up to the point where they reach the Central Region, Lake Knot City. Eventually, Die-Hardman will task Sam with delivering items to the Engineer, who will in turn gift Sam with the Power Skeleton.

After equipping the Power Skeleton, players will notice an increase to the overall weight Sam can now carry. The Power Skeleton can also be upgraded up to level three. To do so, the Engineer will task Sam with a series of deliveries, and completing around five or six of these deliveries will allow players to upgrade the Power Skeleton to level three. Just remember: the Power Skeleton runs on batteries, so make sure to keep it charged before going out into the world.

Of course, there are some other ways to make those long treks easier. As stated above, players can use the Floating Carrier item to trail cargo behind Sam on his deliveries. Unlocking fast travel is a quick and easy way to get around to the places you’ve already been to. Vehicles are also a great way to increase Sam’s speed when traveling the open world of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is now available for PS4, and will be available for PC in Summer 2020.

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