Death Stranding: How to Get a New Reverse Trike (Motorcycle)

While Death Stranding may currently be on the receiving end of a review bomb, many players are still busy enjoying into the game's post-apocalyptic world and trying to find the best ways to deliver the title's myriad of packages. Considering that fans start off only being able to carry what they can attach to Sam Porter Bridges’ body, things can be rough at first, but eventually players gain access to vehicles, which enable them to cover ground faster while carrying more cargo.

The first of these vehicles is the Reverse-Trike, a high-tech motorcycle that players can stumble upon in the game’s second episode. In order to use this vehicle, fans must first repair the bike in Death Stranding, but once that’s taken care of, it becomes a convenient means of completing deliveries much faster. Unfortunately, the Trike gets left behind when players finish Episode 2 and move on to Episode 3, but fans will get another three-wheeled payoff if they are able to endure a few missions on foot.

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Just as a reminder, Death Stranding lets players craft things through the game’s Chiral Network and through items known as Portable Chiral Constructors. Primarily, these are used to materialize structures like bridges, roads, watchtowers, and so on nearly anywhere a players want to put them, but upon completing the story mission Order Number 23, it becomes possible to fabricate Reverse-Trikes, too. Specifically, completing that mission rewards players with blueprints for two different Trike models: standard and “long range.”

It’s worth noting that Trikes have limited battery charges, so players can’t just take them into the deepest, most-deserted corners of the map without taking that into consideration. Luckily, players can recharge the batteries through the PCC-built generators that are placed, by the player or others through Death Stranding’s “strand” multiplayer system, across areas connected by the Chiral Network.

Furthermore, it is also possible for players to stumble upon vehicles crafted by others in garages located in Cities and Distribution Centers. This is because the game only allows a single player to craft four vehicles total, and any vehicles crafted after that are automatically sent to other players’ games for them to find. Fans may thus want to consider crafting extra vehicles when they have the materials to spare, as donating vehicles in this way can earn them plenty of likes in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, and will be out on PC in Summer 2020.

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