Death Stranding: How to Carry Pizza

Death Stranding has a plethora of fun easter eggs and odd tasks for players to enjoy. Although some have complained about the amount of fetch and deliver missions, the game has far more to offer its players. However, players shouldn't be surprised that Hideo Kojima included a pizza delivery mission in Death Stranding.

Pizza is the food of the gods, and should be treated as such in Death Stranding. The pizza delivery missions work like they would in real life. People want their pizza hot, they want it now, and they want it undisturbed. So the challenge with this mission is traveling across rough terrain in a timely manner making sure their gear is in top condition.

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Players will need to equip the Power Skeleton to help maintain Sam's balance throughout the trip. Arrange the items in the pack so that the pizza rests horizontally on the top. Apart from equipping the proper gear, the other thing that will make this mission easier is having the best vehicle to navigate rough terrain. Getting the Reverse-Trike will help tremendously in this mission.

The delivery location is due almost directly West, but there is plenty of rough terrains and at least two rivers to cross. Make sure that bridges are built with easy access, and if a bridge is not easily accessible then equip extra ladders. Two should be plenty, but grab extras just in case the unexpected happens.

Once everything is equipped and ready to roll, players will need to complete the mission under 30 minutes without destroying the precious pizza. Make sure to not overload Sam as he can tip over if he's carrying too much, thus ruining the delivery and consequently the pizza as well.

Pizza isn't the only fun food surprise found in Death Stranding. If players accurately put in their birthday a cake will appear on players' birthdays and includes a special cut scene.

Between incredible cameos, a social network, and learning how to make Sam pee off the edge of a bridge, Death Stranding has plenty of fun things to do. It is unfortunate that Sam isn't able to sneak a slice of the pie before delivering it, but maybe that's best for performance review.

Death Stranding is out now exclusively for PlayStation 4, and will be out summer of 2020 for PC.

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