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Death Stranding finally releases today and with it a plethora of tasks to complete. The strange new Hideo Kojima game has plenty of places to explore but Death Stranding will only be easier to traverse the rough terrain as soon as a proper bridge is built.

The Order Number 10 mission prompt will be at the Distribution Center just West of Capital Knot City. The task is simple enough, build a bridge, but after a series of fetch and deliver missions, it may be a confusing task. Bridges will be just as helpful as vehicles to navigate the rough terrain, so it's important that players understand how to build them.

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First players will need access to the PCC, which can be accessed via the inventory menu by holding right on the D-Pad. This will help with building structures and bases in a sort of like a sci-fi 3D printer that is just one of the many fun quirky of the game. For this mission, the base will already be built and located just Southwest of the Distribution Center.

From here gamers will need to have at least 200 metal in their materials. This can be a bit of a frustrating task as certain items are more randomized in this game. If players are in a location with a Safe House it's best to travel there first. If there are no Safe Houses nearby then resources can be found at a MULE or any other enemy-occupied camp.

Taking out a MULE or other enemies can proffer several resources, but players will likely get the most bounty by breaking into Post Boxes. There are some resources that can be found in the wild, but it's typically randomized and harder to predict. After gathering a hefty amount of materials it's best to look into expanding the Inventory Pack to carry more materials, as the game's save file size isn't the only thing wanting for more space.

Once 200 metal has been collected, head back over to the already built bridge base near the exit of the Distribution Center. At the terminal open the options menu and submit the 200 metal to build the bridge. A cut-scene will then show a bridge being built, and ta-dah! Port Knot City will be connected to the Chiral Network.

Bridges are incredibly important in this game and allow easy access for travel. This will likely be the first of many bridges players will build throughout the game, so it's a good tool to know for a game that has averaged at least 50 hours of gameplay.

Death Stranding is released today November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4, with a summer 2020 release for PC.

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