Joker: Death Stranding Creator Hideo Kojima Comments on the Film

The new Joker film appears to be getting many positive marks. This includes marks from Metal Gear Solid series creator and Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima, who gave the film incredible praise recently.

A game director known for creating beloved narratives himself, Kojima took to Twitter to discuss his thoughts on the Joker movie. Set to release next Friday the movie is being billed by critics as a comic book-based film that is separated by its subject, themes, and tone.

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Hideo Kojima tweeted the following:

As can be seen, Kojima's tweeted thoughts on Joker are in Japanese. As such, Twitter user @alfreid17 provided a rough translation of what the Death Stranding director said on Twitter.

Kojima states that Joker is a "movie to change the history of cinema." He goes on to compare the movie to The Exorcist in how it changed the trajectory of the horror genre., saying that it is "no longer an American Comic movie." Rather, it "is the birth of the 21st century 'Taxi driver.' Arthur is consumed, and Travis' justice slowly becomes evil."

Kojima ultimately states that the movie underlines "today's disparity of the have and have nots, and scoffs at the 'dark' within society. Truly a masterpiece of villain movies made for adults."

Kojima's high praise may be something to not be taken lightly. As an industry figure who is renowned for his appreciation of narrative, as can be seen in the Metal Gear Solid series which itself is getting a movie, Kojima seems to be well-versed in the realm of story and writing. As such, the Joker film must have really struck a chord in order to derive praise from Kojima.

Kojima himself is trying to elevate narrative with the upcoming Death Stranding, which he states he does not understand. So far, the game appears to be anything but conventional with very unusual mechanics and has a plot that, in typical Kojima form, looks to confuse and intrigue all who experience it. However, gamers have yet to see if the final product is as perplexing as it seems to be.

Kojima's next title, Death Stranding, will be released November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4.

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