Death Stranding Cutscene Focuses on Heartman Character

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Since the announcement of Death Stranding, Kojima fans have been soaking up every drop of information they can about the new project, which is due out later this year. A new clip, which Sony released this evening, provides a substantial new glimpse at one of the characters players will be meeting in November.

Death Stranding comes from the mind of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. It’s his first project since his controversial departure with Konami, and the first major project that is unrelated to the beloved Metal Gear franchise. As fans of that series know, Kojima is no stranger to writing cryptic yet compelling characters, and this new clip proves that the trend continues.

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The clip, which premiered during SDCC, but is being made public for the first time, features a character called Heartman. In it, Heartman talks to Death Stranding protagonist Sam “Porter” Bridges (Norman Reedus) about living with a strange condition. What is that condition? Well, he describes it in the clip… sort of.

Confused? That’s par for the course as far as Death Stranding goes. Luckily, Kojima took to Twitter to shed a little bit more light on the character, saying that “His heart stops every 21 mins” and that he “spends his time in the world of the dead for 3 mins and comes back by AED. 60 times/day.”

Kojima also thanks filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn for portraying Heartman, although as he discussed during SDCC, they only used Refn’s likeness for the character. A different actor will provide the voice and motion capture for Heartman. Either way, the game has become a strong contender for most star-studded cast ever.

New information about Death Stranding will almost certainly continue to trickle out over the coming months, but whether that new information will help give fans a better understanding of the game or serve to confuse them even more remains to be seen. They won’t have to wait long, as the game is scheduled to come to PS4, and possibly Google Stadia, this fall.

Death Stranding is set to launch on November 8, 2019.

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