Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding may be one of the top 10 big name titles we missed at E3 2017, but its absence doesn’t mean that work isn’t progressing well on the mysterious game. According to the famed director, a series of tests have been conducted on the game and the results have been encouraging.

In a recent tweet from Kojima, the director revealed that Death Stranding has undergone a series of play tests and graphics engine tests, and the results have been positive so far. While the Kojima kept his cards close to his chest in regards to how far along the game is in development or when we can expect more details, the director’s tweet does suggest that progress is coming along nicely for his upcoming project.

Aside from the progress made on the technical side, it appears that things are also progressing on the game’s narrative. In a new tweet from Kojima, he shared a picture of a number of movie soundtracks, along with the caption “writing the scripts“. Given how the director said some months ago that while the main story of Death Stranding is in place, the details will still need to be worked out, it can be assumed that Kojima’s new tweet implies that he is currently at the stage where he is setting in stone all the little details and features of his game.

Given how little is known about Kojima’s new game so far despite all this reported progress, it will certainly be interesting to see what state the game is currently in, especially since the development team had trouble understanding Death Stranding‘s story at first. Sony boss Shawn Layden revealed that Death Stranding is currently in a playable state a couple of months ago, and with the game having undergone the aforementioned new play and engine tests, it wouldn’t be out of the question to expect some form of gameplay footage at some point in 2017.

With a number of big gaming conferences still to come in 2017, such as gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, hopefully more details about Death Stranding will be released before the year is out and the number of people who have managed to sample some of the game will total more than the development team and Sony’s boss.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4.