Death Stranding Will Offer Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay Feature

Death Stranding Metal Gear Solid V gameplay feature

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Death Stranding will be borrowing a major gameplay idea from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Death Stranding will be the first game developed by Kojima since leaving (Metal Gear Solid) publisher Konami, so fans may not be surprised to learn that the two games have something in common.

While speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019, Kojima said that Death Stranding will feature some of the aspects from Metal Gear Solid 5's FOB (Forward Operating Base) mode. In Metal Gear Solid 5, FOBs are used for PvP (player versus player) multiplayer and can be used by players to gain extra resources. Kojima did not confirm details of the Death Stranding version of FOBs and which ideas it will borrow from the Metal Gear Solid 5 game mode, leaving fans of the veteran game developer to speculate.

During the Tribeca Film Festival presentation, Kojima also said that Death Stranding has themes of anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons. The stance against nuclear weapons is something else that Death Stranding shares with Metal Gear Solid 5. Metal Gear Solid 5 featured a nuclear disarmament event which tasked players with disabling many nuclear weapons to complete it.

Kojima has confirmed that Death Stranding will have multiplayer and that it will offer "something different." Mads Mikkelsen, who plays a character in the game has also said that the multiplayer gameplay will feature some player collaboration. Kojima and the development team at Kojima Productions haven't shared much other information about this, but it does mean that there is room for a Death Stranding form of FOBs.

FOB gameplay may fit with Death Stranding gameplay, however, some will want to know how it fits with the game's other features. Death Stranding is a game that features babies in tanks, giant shadow creatures, and other strange ideas.

The talk at the Tribeca Film Festival does offer fans many interesting pieces of information about the game. But while Kojima is just teasing and describing the game here, the developer has hinted that a new Death Stranding trailer is in the works. This trailer will hopefully give fans another look at the game and the multiplayer and FOB features Kojima has spoken about.

Death Stranding is in development for PS4.

Source: Julian Cannon

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