Death Stranding: Leaked Emma Stone Picture Is a Fake


Several days ago, an image that seemed to depict the La La Land star Emma Stone as having a role within renowned video game designer and director Hideo Kojima's forthcoming title Death Stranding began making the rounds online, but, as it turns out, the picture is not of the actress at all. As it happens, the still was taken from the YouTube channel known as Glam&Gore, which posted a video today providing a highly detailed make-up tutorial in order for fans to achieve the look of the game's art style.

As seen in Glam&Gore's make-up tutorial video below, the YouTube channel's owner and host, Mykie, gives viewers an intricate rundown on how to achieve the look similar to Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen's character as he has been depicted in one of Death Stranding's official trailers. Interestingly enough, Mykie wrote in the YouTube comments section about the Internet's collective speculation as to whether or not Emma Stone would be in the forthcoming Kojima Productions title based solely on a blurry image taken from her photo shoot.

"We didn't call it Emma Stone or a leak, other[s] did and we didn't add any context, but yes that's a picture from this shoot. [...] It just shows what a strong fan base Kojima has cultivated already for this game. Discussion, debate, and theorizing from a simple picture is amazing to me."

Although the Emma Stone picture has been debunked, it doesn't necessarily mean that Hideo Kojima doesn't plan on casting her for a role within Death Stranding. After all, the director has been vocal about being a fan of the actress in the past, and he would surely be thrilled if he managed to put her in the game. Not to mention, Stone already has experience with embodying the role of a character within a video game, as she provided the voice for Amanda Cartwright in United Front Games' 2012 release Sleeping Dogs, so she would likely give a solid performance in Death Stranding.

Should Emma Stone go on to become a part of Death Stranding, she would join the likes of a cast that already has plenty of mainstream Hollywood credibility. For instance, the title's protagonist is set to be played by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, while the pseudo-antagonist (and possible anti-hero) is being taken on by Star Wars: Rogue One's Mads Mikkelsen, and the Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro even has a part, too.

Bearing all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see if Kojima-san manages to secure Emma Stone for a role in Death Stranding even though the most recent depiction of her in the game turned out to be a fake. And with any luck, the Metal Gear Solid creator will shed even more light on the story itself in the days and weeks to come, as the game and its plot is still an enigma.

Death Stranding is currently in production for PlayStation 4.

Source: Glam&Gore – YouTube (via GameReactor)

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