Death Stranding E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer


Since its initial announcement, Death Stranding has been a constant enigma for gamers to puzzle over. Hideo Kojima's first major project since his departure from Konami has been teased with bizarre cinematic trailers for over a year, but now players can finally have a look at what Death Stranding really has in store for them.

Death Stranding has had some amazing cinematic trailers so far, which highlight the game's all-star cast. Although they have been entertaining and led to lots of theorizing, the trailers haven't exactly shown us what this game will really look like or play like. Finally, we have a little more information on that front.

Here's a look at the E3 2018 gameplay reveal for Death Stranding...

The gameplay reveals a whole lot of the protagonist lugging deliveries around. There's mountain climbing, long hikes, dangerous rivers to cross and more. And apparently, that's just the beginning. Things take a dark and even more dangerous turn from there. The supernatural aspect to the game takes center stage in the second half of the footage.

Early leaks leading up to E3 2018 predicted that Death Stranding was a trippy multiplayer experience that allows players to fall into each other's game's. There were also rumors that the mysterious baby was the source of the time/space traveling and players would need to come to a decision at the end of the game to kill the baby and destroy Death Stranding multiplayer or let it live and continue the game mode. Now that we're seen this year's presentation, we know that...

Death Stranding is currently in development for PlayStation 4 with no set release date as of yet.

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