Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima Wins World Record

With Death Stranding finally released on PS4, Hideo Kojima seems to be able to focus on what's really important, social media. With all of the buzz surrounding Death Stranding and Kojima himself, it would seem that his online presence has set a few new records.

Kojima has been vocal on his Twitter and Instagram before, sharing fan creations based on his games and even some of the more popular Death Stranding memes that have been spreading around. This and his fame as a game director has garnered Kojima enough attention online to net him two Guinness World Records.

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The specific records are for "The most followers on Twitter/Instagram for a videogame director," and have been awarded to Kojima's English Twitter account as well as his Instagram. Kojima's new records comes out to 2,813,385 followers for Twitter, with 888,539 followers for Instagram. Guinness verified these records on November 8th, the day Death Stranding released, celebrating the new game's launch with the confirmation of Kojima's record.

With more work still to come on the game, from a PC release coming next summer and the rumored Death Stranding DLC, complete with raids possibly on the way, there is still more work for Kojima Productions as the game continues to grow. It's likely that as players continue to flock around Death Stranding, Kojima's social media presence will continue to grow, meaning any other big developer will have some trouble challenging this achievement.

The viral nature of Death Stranding's popularity after it was first announced at E3 in 2016 with its crazy teaser trailer has been a large part of the game's success. So it goes without saying that being active on social media has helped Kojima retain his presence in the gaming community during Kojima Productions' transition away from Konami. Now that Death Stranding has launched, Kojima's millions of followers will likely be waiting anxiously for the next announcement for the future of Kojima Productions.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release slated for Summer 2020

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