Death Stranding Player Designs Custom Drive

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Death Stranding fans have been flooding Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit with their own creations inspired by the captivating world of the recent title. One such example recently posted onto Reddit shows a player finding a creative way to physically customize their digital content.

The player in question, posting to Reddit as darkmatterprops, has altered their external hard drive that holds all of their digital gaming content to appear like a piece of cargo that can be delivered in Death Stranding. This is not the first piece of paraphernalia made by darkmatterprops, as the group behind the account has made a number of items for their Etsy store, including a Bridge's patch and a lightweight Q-Pid necklace.

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In the post to Reddit, the darkmatterprops page shows off what they've done to their gaming drive by adding a thin strip of packaging tape to the hard drive. The tape is the most impressive part of the build, as it is a miniaturized replica of the tape that covers and marks cargo in Death Stranding that is otherwise not available commercially. Seeing as how important cargo is to the game's mechanics and story, from lost cargo to pieces stolen by mules, this is quite possibly the tie-in product to Death Stranding that's the most recognizable.

With all of the equipment available in Death Stranding there is little limit to what fans might create in the future, from the Q-Pid necklace to Odradek replicas. Perhaps the future will even show models of structures and PPC constructs available for players to bring more and more of the game into the real world.

The massive collection of fan-created content for Death Stranding has been a welcome sight for players looking to see a shared appreciation for the game. From fan art to commercially available props for decorating desks and cabinets, there is no shortage of external content for fans to consume as they wait for future Death Stranding updates or rumored DLC.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release planned for Summer 2020

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Source: Reddit

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