Death Stranding Player Reveals Smart Way to Free Bandwidth

Chiral bandwidth

Death Stranding players find a smart and easy way of freeing up chiralium bandwidth. The game's chiralium bandwidth limits stop players from building huge amounts of structures on the map and can mean that players don't have enough to build new ones.

In Death Stranding, there are two ways of getting more chiralium bandwidth. These are to dismantle structures or to deliver more orders, which will give players more bandwidth. While many players have been taking their structures apart by going up to them and manually disassembling them, a Death Stranding player on Reddit has shared an easier way of doing that. Players can free up bandwidth from the game's map by hovering over the structure and pressing the triangle button.

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The blue structures on the map are built by the player, while the green structures on the map are built by other players. There's no reason to disassemble the structures created by other players as these won't give the player more bandwidth. However, the game's online multiplayer allows players to leave likes on other player's structures as a way of saying thanks.

Other Death Stranding players have given their thanks to the poster for sharing the information. Many of them had also spent hours playing the game but hadn't picked up on this. One user named LordLargo wrote a whole post criticizing the "malodorous gods of the chiral network who hatefully place an oppressive data cap on your chiral network capacity." Another revealed that they had spent "so much time back tracking, especially through BT areas to free up bandwidth" before they'd read the Reddit post.

The chiral bandwidth suggestion is one of several good tips that Death Stranding players have created, after several hours of gameplay. One player revealed that the Death Stranding sticky gun can be used to pick up pieces of cargo that have fallen into difficult to reach places.

Another player on Reddit showed everyone where Death Stranding's lost cargo goes, as some had been wondering why there are strange pieces of deliveries in their world. This also shows players what happens when they aren't able to pick up all of the cargo they've dropped, probably because they hadn't heard about the sticky gun. The game hasn't even been available for a month yet, so it's likely that players will keep learning more about the game and how to get deliveries done quickly and easily.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release expected in Summer 2020.

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Source: Reddit

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