Kojima is up to his weird old tricks, this time showing off two of the mo-cap baby props (and potential clues) featured in the mysterious Death Stranding trailer.

Although E3 2016 may not have been as full of surprises as past years, there were still some memorable moments sprinkled throughout the show. One highlight that most will point to was the return of Hideo Kojima to the E3 stage, at Sony’s pre-show press conference.

Kojima could have easily just appeared, said a few words about his studio, and left, but instead the Metal Gear Solid creator gave fans a special treat in the form of a trailer. It was a bit obtuse, packed full of metaphors, but the Death Stranding trailer still left a lasting impression nonetheless.

Even now fans continue to scrutinize the Death Stranding trailer in the hopes of finding new clues, but thus far no new information has surfaced. That hasn’t stopped Kojima from sharing some behind the scenes info, though, like he did this week.

In a series of two tweets, Kojima gives fans a look at Lu#1 and Lu#2; two baby props that he says were used in the mo-cap for the Death Stranding trailer. Both “babies” aren’t particularly special in terms of their design or mo-cap suits, but the fact that Kojima tweeted out their picture has fans off to the races regardless.

The baby Norman was holding in DS(DeathStranding) teaser was this one on the left, called Lu#2, pic.twitter.com/H7XEwGUP4l— HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) July 1, 2016

he is in San Dirgo. The baby on the right is called Lu#1 btw. pic.twitter.com/M4KRPfeuOD— HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) July 1, 2016

Some are trying to pull clues out of the names of the baby props, while others are searching the background of the images to see if anything can be seen. It’s this type of voracious detective work that Kojima has inspired over the years with his constant teasing. Just look at the fake reveal for The Phantom Pain and how that turned out to be Metal Gear Solid 5.

If nothing else, Kojima has stoked the fires of speculation yet again, and sent fans searching for more clues. But, as most know, what Kojima reveals can never be taken at face value.

Thankfully, Kojima is set to release a new episode of his Hideotube series, which will presumably shed more light on the concepts behind Death Stranding. The episode may even feature new footage from the game, but there are no guarantees. As Kojima himself has pointed out, Death Stranding is a long ways from being released, both because the studio only just partnered with Sony on development and this is a Kojima project. Those things take time.

Death Stranding has no release date, but will be available on the PS4.

Source: Kojima – Twitter (via Gamespot)