Death Stranding Lets You Calm Bridge Baby With Motion Controls

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Gamescom 2019 has officially begun and one of the most anticipated titles to make an appearance at the event is Death Stranding. As expected, it was a large part of the Opening Night LIVE press conference. During the presentation, Hideo Kojima took the stage, bringing with him plenty of new footage and gameplay details to show curious audiences captivated by this strange upcoming title. Among the new gameplay features is the ability to interact with the Bridge Baby if it starts to get fussy.

Bridge Babies are still a bit of a mystery, though their purpose was expanded upon with a cinematic featuring Guillermo del Toro's character shown during the Opening Night LIVE press conference. They are an important part of a deliveryman's work and main character Sam Bridges has been seen lugging one around since Death Stranding was first introduced. Now we know that Sam can also interact with his Bridge Baby directly.

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During a gameplay demo shown on stage, Sam takes a tumble off a short cliff. This does not sit well with his Bridge Baby, who, like any other infant, begins to throw a fit. To soothe the poor thing, Sam detaches the baby, holds it in front of him, and begins to rock it back and forth. This can be done by the player by using the game's motion controls. Once the baby is happy again, Sam reattaches it and goes back to business, though its grateful coos can still be heard afterward.

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Another interesting gameplay feature shown during the presentation was the ability to let players pee. At the start of the gameplay demo, Sam Bridges is seen resting. He eventually wakes up and, like most people in the morning, has to go. While Sam relieves himself, there is a urination gage that shows how much is left in his tank, so to speak. If the player attempts to sneak a peek during his business, Sam will shift away. Sorry, Norman Reedus fans.

While it was known that Death Stranding would make an appearance at Gamescom, it was still a surprise to see Kojima himself, who has been crunching to finish the game in time for its release later this year. He even mentioned this on stage, saying the game was in its final stages and he shouldn't be at the event, but he really wanted to greet fans in person.

Death Stranding will launch on November 8, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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