Ron Gilbert's DeathSpank Release Date and Story Trailer

Hothead Studios, the group that is probably best known for their episodic Penny Arcade Adventures series, has finally given us release details for their new humorous hack n' slash adventure DeathSpank. The game is due for a July 13th release for the PSN, while the XBLA version is set for the day after on the 14th.

The series' creator and Hothead Studios' Creative Director Ron Gilbert made adventure gaming history with his rollicking pirate epic The Secret of Monkey Island (although my personal favorite in the series is Curse of Monkey Island which was developed after Gilbert left) for LucasArts. In my book that's all the cred you need for me to spend my hard earned pay.

Speaking of pay, the game is set for a pretty low asking price of $15 for the full chicken bashing, monster thrashing adventure. Check out this trailer [HD]:

I think the game looks pretty fun and for 15 bucks I think this is going to end up in my library. One of the things that caught my eye (and ears) is that it reminds me a lot of Sony's sci-fi spoof Blasto with Phil Hartman on the PlayStation. The boisterous, bumbling hero thing is kind of beating a dead horse in the gaming industry, however Gilbert's team seems like they have the know how to pull off a fun and exciting adventure game with DeathSpank.

And of course there are lots of unicorns, so there's that.

Source: GameSpot

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