It looks like Marvel comic book fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as one of the best characters yet to receive their own game will finally have their day. Activision and Marvel revealed that they’d be making an announcement at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel, and it seems that Deadpool will be at its center.

[Update: Check out the announcement trailer for ‘Deadpool’ right here!]

That’s what the evidence points to, with an Amazing Spider-Man billboard graffiti’ed over with a link to ‘’ The billboard’s shared space with High Moon Studios‘ upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron┬áis telling, especially when the website reveals little more than Deadpool’s signature design and the studio’s logo. And, a countdown to today’s panel.

Whether this means that the recently removed ‘Hit Monkey’ domain was all a feint or a crack at the two’s shared line of work is unknown, but for more than a few reasons, the Deadpool reveal is sure to be better received. We’ve already given our reasons for why the schizophrenic assassin is perfect for a video game, and a studio as reputable and proven as High Moon being given the duty is almost too good to be true.

Deadpool Game Billboard

Hopefully more gameplay details or some sense of the direction being taken by the developers will be given at the panel later today. Not to mention whether or not Marvel has an Iron Man 3 game in the works. Simply announcing that Deadpool will finally be bringing his brand of swords-and-shooter combat to a video game might be enough to make the splash Marvel initially teased, but hopefully there will be a trailer or concept artwork to show off.

High Moon proved their abilities a long time ago, with the flawed-but-decent Bourne Conspiracy third-person shooter. Since then the studio has taken action and combat to far larger and more serious places, so how they’ll choose to handle as quirky and darkly comedic material as Deadpool is an interesting question.

When an official announcement is made we’ll update with whatever details or assets are released. For now, comic book fans and those fond of unique third-person properties have reason to be optimistic. It might not hurt to hope that Deadpool‘s games go a bit more smoothly than Activision’s other masked Marvel heroes.

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Source: Activision (via Joystiq)