When Deadpool arrives, he makes an impression. The first announcement trailer for High Moon Studios‘ new game built around the Merc with a Mouth proved that he could entertain all by himself. Luckily, it seems he’s bringing some friends along with him.

After magazine scans confirmed the inclusion of Cable and Death, official screenshots have hit the internet providing a closer look at each, along with more of Deadpool‘s concept art. Cable may be what fans will expect (and doesn’t disappoint), but the scenery paints an interesting picture for what kind of adventure Deadpool will be setting out on.

Those unfamiliar with the characters have plenty of catching up to do, and these images should entice even the most casual fan. As the son of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops) and a clone of Jean Grey, Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable is one mutant you do not want to mess with. A techno-organic virus kept at bay by his telekinetic powers has transformed part of his body into a durable metal, capable of interfacing with machinery and computers.

Deadpool Game Cable Screenshot

Cable and Deadpool teamed up for their own fifty-issue-run in the comic book of the same name, and given what genuine fans the developers at High Moon are, it was expected that Cable would make an appearance, especially after X-Force member and acquaintance Domino was confirmed. Cable’s abilities to travel through time in the past are of particular importance given the new screenshots and concept art. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

For now, take in the latest images of Cable in all his glowing-eye-glory, and Deadpool doing what he does best. Namely, dispatching enemies with blades and bullets. This is an M-Rated game, so squeamish gamers may want to pass. Have a look:

What will immediately leap out to comic book fans is the post-apocalyptic backgrounds in most of the images, filled with collapsed buildings and crumbling concrete. A possible explanation can be found in what else litters the screenshots and concept art: Sentinels.

The perennial mechanized enemies of the “X-Men” (and mutants everywhere), the massive robots programmed to seek and destroy have been used with some regularity in the comics, so it’s hard to narrow down exactly what storyline the developers may be drawing from. But with “Deadpool” writer Daniel Way helping with the game’s story, expect it to be up to snuff.

Deadpool Game Battledome Concept

With the blend of bombed-out urban environments, crippled and publicly-displayed Sentinel husks, and entirely alien landscapes, we’d be downright confused if Cable weren’t going to be playing a role in the story. With travel through time and parallel worlds are up for grabs thanks to Nate Summers, who knows what to expect. At least fans can look forward to a potentially compelling plot to go along with the savage violence and witty quips.

What are your theories for what High Moon has in store? Could the story be what gets comic book fans interested, or will it be the combat that will make this a success in your eyes? Sound off in the comments.

Deadpool is targeting a 2013 release date on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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