Everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, is steadily building buzz for his first solo video game misadventure. Given the character’s fourth-wall-breaking gags, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s been put front and center in the game’s marketing campaign – pitching features of the project directly to potential consumers. Instead of pulling a quotes from games industry journalists who’ve previewed Deadpool, the title’s box art instead sports the titular character, along with the quote, “This is what awesome looks like – Me” with the antihero pointing to his iconic masked face.

Now, with release less than a month away (from the time of this writing), developer High Moon Studios and publisher Activision don’t look to be planning a last-minute shift in the marketing campaign – as the pair have released a new round of Deadpool media featuring the same self-referential humor from the main character.

First up, the studio has once again enlisted the help of their real world Deadpool stand-in (who debuted back in 2012 while promoting the game’s announcement at Comic-Con) in a pair of live action skits – featuring the merc attempting to get a job at Marvel.

Check out the first one “Marvel HR” at the top of the page, followed by the second “Marvel Legal” below:

Longtime Marvel fans will likely remember this isn’t the first (or likely last) time that the masked assassin has been seen applying for a job. Though, this round is probably a better fit than his last attempt – which saw Deadpool applying to be a herald of the infamous planet-eater Galactus.

Have a look at the Galactus job interview comic panels below (click to enlarge):

Deadpool Galactus Job Interview

Unsurprisingly, Deadpool isn’t quite as generous when talking about virtually anyone besides himself – as evidenced by his somewhat dismissive commentary on fan-favorite X-Men team member Wolverine. The character was long-rumored for the Deadpool game and later confirmed with an appearance on the previously mentioned box cover (along with Rogue, Cable, Domino, and Psylocke). Still, Activision has released an official look at the character’s in-game design – accompanied by Deadpool’s commentary on his “short and stabby” friend. The merc with a mouth asserts that while Wolverine is in nearly every Marvel-related piece of entertainment (aside from the ones owned by Marvel Studios/Disney), the reason for Logan’s popularity is likely due to his willingness to take-on any project thrown his way. Deadpool, on the other hand, claims to be more selective.

Check out the Wolverine character profile below (click to enlarge):

Deadpool Video Game Wolverine

Hopefully the quality of the Deadpool game, which has been said to be a pretty standard but fun hack-and-slash action game (with third-person shooting too), reflects the titular character’s more “selective” approach to projects. Meaning that we’re hoping the final game isn’t just a shallow franchise cash-grab (i.e. the character’s appearance in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film) and, instead, delivers an engaging interactive experience that successfully balances the quirk and whit of its protagonist with entertaining gameplay.

Deadpool releases June 25, 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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