Deadmau5 Did Not Lose PS Vita Unit After Spike VGAs

Deadmau5 Is A Troll Did Not Lose Vita

Did anyone pick up a PlayStation Vita last night in Los Angeles after the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards? If so, don't attribute your good fortune to a certain mouse-loving DJ, because the rumor that DJ Deadmau5 had lost his demo unit of the Vita has been retracted just hours after the "incident" occurred.

After a long night of dropping beats for a feisty crowd of video game fans, developers, producers, and celebrities, Mr. Mau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, claimed to have dropped his Vita in a cab in LA. This incident was announced publicly throughout the Twittersphere around 1am PST.

The "hunt" began hours after the VGAs when Deadmau5 tweeted, "F***! I left my PSP Vita in a f***** cab, calling cab company and they say they have like 500 dispatched now. Gunna be a long night... :(" Zimmerman later explained that he had allowed a friend to play the demo unit who sat it down between them in the cab. Unfortunately, it slipped Zimmerman's mind and the demo unit was left behind on the seat of the cab. Hours later, the tale of the misplaced Vita proved to be bogus as Deadmau5 posted an image of the unit on his Facebook, revealing that even popular DJ's like to troll Sony. He wrote to everyone concerned:

"Sorry! didn't lose the lose the PS Vita! i just wanted to see how much management would freak out over it, trolololol. i'd never lose this thing, love it too much. :D"

Deadmau5 Vita Demo Unit

The fictitious incident initially triggered memories of the iPhone 4 bar incident a while back. Luckily for Sony, it was just a hoax. At least Deadmau5 is actually familiar with the product.

If you're wondering why DJ Deadmau5 had such a unit in the first place, his music is set to be featured on the Vita launch title Sound Shapes. If he was lucky, Sony threw in a couple of its expensive memory cards as well.

Japan will be the first to get their hands on the PS Vita when it hits shelves on December 17, 2011. The release for North America is set for February 22, 2012, and will initially cost $249 for the WiFi model and $299 for the WiFi+ 3G model.


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