Deadly Premonition Trailer: An Omen To A Creepy Game?

By | 7 years ago 

Recent updates on the Deadly Premonition website indicate that this creepy looking game will be launching at a super low price point of $19.99 to the Xbox 360 exclusively. The last time I remember a survival horror game launching this cheaply and with minor fanfare was when the PSOne era Martian Gothic made its debut. I have higher hopes for Deadly Premonition though.

I’ve got to say that this new reveal trailer for Ignition Entertainment’s entry level endeavor is fairly gripping, if not graphically all that impressive. Check out the trailer below.

With a low price point at launch, and a relatively graphic, creepy trailer, Deadly Premonition may have just gone up a notch on the horror survivalists respect meter.

Watch and enjoy:

This game is currently an X-Box exclusive, but with the notion of console exclusive titles slowly withering away, it might not be long before we see this game is brought to the PS3 under its current working title, or even the original developmental title, “Rainy Woods”.

Check out the Ignition’s official Deadly Premonition website at  for more information, as well as background on survival horror’s newest special agent, Francis Morgan. Here’s hoping Ignition’s can pull a rabbit out of their hat, giving us a great game to go along with the great marketing and pricing.

Does this game interest you?

Deadly Premonition is scheduled to debut in early 2010.

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