Deadly Premonition Switch Patch On the Way

Nintendo has been much better about third-party support this console generation, but that doesn't mean that every game will have a perfect transition to the Switch. Deadly Premonition Origins users have been experiencing pretty severe audio issues, with missing sound effects and dialogue plaguing the port. Luckily, a patch is on the way, which should help clear up the issues.

Deadly Premonition series creator Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro took to Twitter to assuage some fans' concerns about the port, apologizing for its poor quality and assuring players that the publisher, Toybox, was working quickly to resolve the issues and that a patch should be announced soon. This should come as a relief to fans, who have been experiencing numerous audio issues with the game so far.

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Suehiro also told fans not to DM him regarding bugs and other issues, as he is not "user support." It's an admittedly funny response to what is probably a very annoying issue. Suehiro urged fans to contact the publisher about the problems instead, as they'd be the ones to actually handle the issues.

Deadly Premonition Origins was a surprise announcement during Nintendo's most recent Direct, though even more surprising was the Deadly Premonition 2 announcement that accompanied it. The series is known for its overall weirdness, which has made it a bit of a cult classic. It's disappointing that the game is having so many issues on the platform, but at least the publisher is working to fix them.

Nintendo Switch ports have otherwise been fairly stable, with the exception of some EA Sports games, though the issues with those games might explain why EA thinks players don't want Switch ports.

Time will tell how other, more advanced game ports will perform on the console.  The Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch port seems like the most likely one to experience issues when it finally comes to the platform, but fans will just have to wait and see how it actually shakes out.

Deadly Premonition Origins is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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