Deadliest Warrior Legends Preview and Trailer

The original Deadliest Warrior game has brought hours of gore-filled enjoyment, but with a follow up to Spike TV’s extremely successful downloadable title on the horizon, fans of the original are probably wondering what the sequel offers that the original didn’t.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Deadliest Warrior: Legends at E3 2011, and while the basic premise remains the same, there are a ton of new features that are sure to excite fans of the original and newcomers alike.

As many have already (hopefully) pieced together by simply reading the game’s name, Deadliest Warrior: Legends will finally be focusing on some of the legendary warriors that have fought on the actual show. Famous warriors such as William Wallace, Shaka Zulu, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Kahn are now all available to do battle with one another. The total roster currently consists of nine famous warriors, with one more yet to be revealed, and more coming in the form of DLC a few weeks after release. Those who have downloaded the original game will also be pleasantly surprised to find that they will receive exclusive weapons in this installment.

The graphics have received a notable upgrade since the last game, and while it can’t compare to something like Battlefield 3 in terms of visual fidelity – it’s still one of the better looking downloadable games on the market. The gore has also been upped quite a bit, and players now have the ability to cut opponents in half. The finishers also enjoy better graphics: Alexander the Great’s finisher in particular featured an enemy seeing his legs, arms, and head removed in several swift motions. The new graphics, combined with the enhanced gore factor, provide combatants with the virtual bloodbath that they’ve always wanted. The levels have also been upgraded and now include hazards – such as pits that players can be pushed in to.

Check out the latest trailer for Deadliest Warrior: Legends right after the jump.

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While the enhanced graphics are truly appreciated, there was one new feature that stood out as quite serendipitous. The new ‘Generals’ mode adds a Risk-esque element to the game, and it seems to be one of the cooler new features in Legends. Players start off with a territory on the in-game map, and must slowly begin taking over different areas as their turn comes around. The infamous Combat Simulator from the television show makes its debut in ‘Generals’, and it is used to determine the outcome of each battle for certain pieces of land. Each character that the player has selected acts as their general, and every character has their own special abilities that give them certain advantages. If your character gains a bonus for fighting in the woods then taking over areas that are covered in forests is a lot easier.

In order for players to completely conquer a nation they must first confront the leader of the territory they are taking control of. These battles are played in the one-on-one fashion that many who have experienced the original game have come to love, but there is one major twist added for the new ‘Generals’ mode. Once an enemy leader has fallen, the individual who defeated him will be able to select one of their abilities. This adds a lot of strategy and thought into which castle and ability someone wants to take – before going after the rest of the map. The fact that this mode also supports multiplayer only makes it that much more fun.

Deadliest Warrior Legends characters

The new ‘Generals’ mode is surely a focus in the new game, but there were two new modes that really stood out. ‘Zombie’ and ‘Cut’ both brought something entirely new to the table. The “zombie” option turns the legendary roster into zombie renditions of the iconic figures that can’t die – and “cut” mode makes it so that every slash will remove limbs. Combining the two creates a mode where warriors will lose limbs, but keep battling. Warriors can even be sliced in half and their legs will run around the room in a futile attempt to avoid losing the match. The only way to win this match is to remove every limb from your opponent.

Deadliest Warrior: Legends brings back the same old combat that fans of the original loved, while adding a ton of new features that are sure to appeal to veterans and newcomers alike. Look forward to Deadliest Warrior: Legends coming to the XBLA and PSN this summer for the extremely reasonable price of $10 (800 Microsoft Points).

Are you looking forward to Deadliest Warrior: Legends? What legendary warrior would you like to see make the cut?

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