Prequel to 'Dead Space 2', 'Dead Space: Ignition' Releases October 13th

Dead Space 2 Prequel Dead Space Ignition Release

The survival horror game Dead Space came out of nowhere when it was released back in 2008. It seemed like your standard corridor third person shooter with a different locale, but after gamers got their hands on it they began to realize that there was more to the game. Dead Space 2, the true next gen successor to Dead Space, is a ways off but just around the corner (October 13th to be exact) comes the release of Dead Space: Ignition, a prequel to Dead Space 2.

Currently with only an XBLA arcade release date, Ignition sees our engineering hero Isaac Clarke attempting to defend a space installation named 'The Sprawl' from a group of necromorphs. At only 400 Microsoft Points I wouldn’t expect a very detailed or comprehensive experience out of Ignition but if you simply want to once again partake in the intense combat that Visceral Games created then this should be a nice treat.

EA has done a lot to bring the world of Dead Space to gamers in not just video game form and, considering they want to see a future with more survival horror games, therefore have placed a lot of pressure on Dead Space’s success. With an added multiplayer component and several video game crossovers, the hope is that Dead Space 2 expands upon the fan base created after the first game. While the game does enter similar territory, the combat and tone of the game are worth revisiting at least one more time.

If you haven’t played the first Dead Space or even Dead Space: Extraction, you should give them a look. Both are surprisingly great games with completely different game mechanics, that deliver some scares and some brutal kills. If either of these games sells you on the Dead Space property make sure you pre-order Dead Space 2 to pick up your awesome Isaac Clarke back pack.

Are you planning on picking up Dead Space: Ignition or would you rather just wait for a retail version of Dead Space?

Dead Space: Ignition will be available October 13th on XBLA and currently has no date for PSN.

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