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While Electronic Arts is currently in hot water because of the ongoing loot box controversy, the publisher was heavily criticized earlier this year for a completely different reason. As some may recall, EA closed Visceral Games, the studio behind survival-horror hit Dead Space, and sent its Star Wars project to a different studio to be morphed from a linear single player game into a games-as-service title. A few months later, senior game development director on the original Dead Space, Michael Condrey, has spoken out about the studio's closure.

Condrey revealed his thoughts on the matter in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle. The interview was mostly focused on the game Condrey most recently shipped, Call of Duty: WW2, but the interviewer had to ask him about his thoughts on EA closing down Visceral Games.

"Dead Space was an important part of my career, so I hate to see that studio close since there was a lot of talent there. I know that there’s a lot of other things happening now that are pushing the industry forward. So, it’s sort of bittersweet if you will. In general, I love to celebrate great games, and the more the better for fans."

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One of the main reasons given for Visceral's closure is that the studio was developing a linear, single player game instead of a game that could continue earning money after launch via microtransactions. Condrey, whose Call of Duty: WW2 features multiple game modes and microtransactions, also touched on whether or not a strictly single player game has a place in the industry.

Condrey pointed to Cuphead as an example of a game that offers one game mode and is still successful. "It really comes down to the type of game, and what players want to play," he said.

Condrey's insight into the matter should be interesting for anyone still upset about EA's decision to close down Visceral Games. In the meantime, it's clear that there is a desire for linear, single player games, with Bethesda even launching a campaign to "save single player" at The Game Awards this past Thursday. Whether or not this results in more single player games being developed or not remains to be seen, but with the controversy surrounding loot boxes at the moment, it's certainly a possibility.

Dead Space is available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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