'Dead Space' Developer Working on 'Thrilling Online Action Shooter'

Visceral Games Job Posting Future Dead Space

Ever since the release of Dead Space 2, EA's been very quiet on what Visceral Games is working on. However, a recent job listing at EA points to the developer working on a brand new online shooter.

While Dead Space 2 brought online multiplayer to the franchise, many critics - including our own review - did not feel it was a highlight of the game. While the multiplayer portion of Dead Space could use more depth, it appears that this job listing is not for the franchise, as it makes specific reference to a "bold new franchise." A shame really, as Dead Space 2's multiplayer had a ton of (unrealized) potential.

The job listing also makes mention of "a new EA Games Studio." This part is slightly confusing as the job is located in Redwood City, where the team that made Dead Space is located. EA could be planning to open a new studio under the Visceral name - there's currently one in Montreal, as well as another in Australia that was shut down recently - but that wouldn't make sense considering they already have a Visceral Games in Redwood.

Check out the overview of the job listing:

"EA is looking for a lead multiplayer designer to help create a thrilling online action shooter game. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a bold new franchise which is a cornerstone for a new EA Games Studio."

While Visceral is working on this action shooter, I wouldn't say that means they're done with the Dead Space franchise, especially considering EA has already discussed the game. Dead Space 3 has been rumoured to be in development, ever since it was first accidentally outed by an Israeli news show. The game is said to follow Issac Clarke as he deals with the mental trauma from the first two games.

If the mention of a new EA Games Studio really means that EA is going to open another office under the Visceral brand, then it's possible that this Lead Multiplayer Designer position is separate from the team working on Dead Space. It's also possible that Visceral has split into two teams, one to take on this new IP and one to work on Dead Space 3.


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Source: EA [via CVG]

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