New 'Dead Space: Aftermath' Trailer Gets Violent

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With the release of Dead Space 2 on the horizon, Visceral Games is doing everything they can to get people interested in their ever-expanding franchise and create new fans.

In addition to several other marketing ploys an animated movie, Dead Space: Aftermath, is in development and will release alongside Dead Space 2.

This is not the franchise’s first entry into film. Back in 2008, EA released the animated Dead Space: Downfall, a prequel to the original Dead Space, and covered events parallel to Dead Space: Extraction - one of Game Rant’s top five mature Wii games.

Downfall received average reviews, but successfully expanded the Dead Space mythos in a cool way for fans of the series.

Check out the trailer for Dead Space: Aftermath below.


After watching the trailer, it's clear the movie isn't for kids - matching the violence of the game itself. Now, that may sound obvious given the source material, but Aftermath could take the violence up a notch or ten. If the trailer is telling of the overall experience, Aftermath is going to be an unrelenting gore-fest.

The actual storyline seems decent enough, but the appearance of the movie is a little off-putting. It is a strange mix of both 2D and 3D animation. Some parts look hand drawn, while others come off as amateur CGI. The hand drawn parts look great, but the graphics as a whole seem rushed, incomplete, and unsatisfying.

Dead Space Aftermath Violent

EA and Visceral Games have done a great job in growing the Dead Space universe and have continuously pleased fans of the series with crossovers into other mediums such as film, comics, and novels. However, if that isn’t enough, eager fans will be able to test out Dead Space 2 when the demo hits on December 21.

How does Dead Space: Aftermath look to you - and do you have any interest in seeing it? What other video game worlds would you like to see expanded in this way?

Dead Space: Aftermath will hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray January 25, 2011, the same day Dead Space 2 releases on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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