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Dead Space: Aftermath DVD Blu-ray Contest

The eagerly anticipated Dead Space 2 is finally set to release later this month and in conjunction with its release, EA is also releasing a new animated movie, titled Dead Space: Aftermath. Acting as a sequel to the original survival horror third-person shooter, Dead Space, Aftermath combines CG with animation to expand the mythos of the Dead Space Universe.

If you like sci-fi and action, played Dead Space, want to play Dead Space or watched the first animated prequel film, Dead Space: Downfall, then we have the contest for you! Below are details on how you can win yourself a copy of Dead Space: Aftermath on DVD or Blu-ray.

Electronic Arts Inc. and Anchor Bay Entertainment's new Dead Spaceâ„¢ animated movie, Dead Spaceâ„¢ Aftermath will be available on January 25 to coincide with the release of the highly anticipated videogame, Dead Space 2. Coming from the award-winning game development team and the 2008 animated feature production company, Dead Space Aftermath will feature several internationally renowned animation directors that use their unique and bold visions to explain what happened during the first-responder mission to Aegis VII. The directors will do this through the perspective of four survivors in this fast-paced horrifying thrill ride that stretches the limits of time and space.

Check out the newly released still below and be sure to watch the Dead Space: Aftermath trailer.

dead space aftermath Kuttner Flashback


The year is 2509. The first-responder ship USG O’Bannon has arrived at Aegis VII, attempting to hold the planet together in the wake of the catastrophe that destroyed the Ishimura. But only four members of the O’Bannon crew have survived, and the catastrophe remains unchecked. What went wrong? What secrets do they hide? And what new threats have been revealed…in the Aftermath!been revealed… in the Aftermath!

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To Enter

Simply share with us your scariest video game experience in the comments and on Twitter @gamerant and we'll pick a winner for each the Blu-ray and DVD versions.

Contest is only open to U.S. residents.


Dead Space: Aftermath will hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray January 25, 2011, the same day Dead Space 2 releases on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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