'Dead Space 3' Rumor Suggests New Setting

Dead Space 3 New Setting

Now that the floodgates are open for Dead Space 3 rumors, after a news station unknowingly caught a glimpse of a logo, it seems like we have moved beyond the game’s existence into the discussion of the game’s storyline and setting. This newest rumor proclaims that not only will players be encountering an entirely new location, one that rivals the temperature of space, but a new big bad.

According to the rumor, Dead Space 3 would see hero Isaac Clarke crash landing on a planet called Tau Volantis that is mostly covered with ice — think Hoth from Empire Strikes Back. From there one can assume that the proverbial "s" would hit the fan, and some snowy creatures would begin to mess with Isaac’s ski plans. The same source also claims that Isaac once again meets Ellie from the first Dead Space.

While Siliconera’s unnamed source seems to provide substantial information, it’s hard to imagine a title called Dead Space being set on a singular planet. Developer Visceral Games have shown they are capable of delivering more than just a haunted spaceship milieu, but the core idea has always involved space in some capacity.

Yes, they did express interest in taking the franchise in a new direction, but most figured that involved stepping away from the marker storyline (the source does cite the new enemy as being called the “hive mind”), not abandoning the cool interstellar locations.

Furthermore, this ice planet scenario seems very similar to Capcom’s Lost Planet, which features stunningly realized snowstorms across an ice cold planet. I doubt that Dead Space 3’s snow planet will share too much in common with Lost Planet's, but it still seems odd that Visceral would want to tread similar territory.

Nonetheless, color us intrigued by this rumor, if only because it means more Dead Space is on the way. If you’ve yet to check out Dead Space 2, the sequel that proved the franchise was more than just a one trick pony, we highly recommend you do.

How do you feel about Dead Space 3 being set on an ice planet? Do you think it moves too far away from the qualities that made the first two titles unique and appealing?

Source: Siliconera

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