'Dead Space 3' Screenshots Highlight Co-op & Dual Wielding

Dead Space 3 Coop

Earlier this week, EA began teasing Dead Space 3 with a graphic novel trailer. Now, just a few days before E3, screenshots of the upcoming horror game have been leaked - and they include new character John Carver.

Both Carver and series protagonist Issac Clarke are at the center of these screenshots, seen fighting side-by-side and confirming the presence of coop in Dead Space 3. Initial speculation pointed to Issac being joined by a second character, though at the time it was thought to be a "Shadow Issac" and not John Carver.

Issac won't just be fighting necromorphs though, as one of the screenshots depicts him and Carver shooting at a human enemy . The initial coop rumors suggested that Issac will have more maneuverability, better enabling long range firefights - including the ability to roll around Gears of War-style.

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The dual wielding of weapons also makes an appearance, but judging by the screenshot it may not be "traditional" dual wielding. Issac is seen holding two weapons, both with their ammo counters displayed, however, his hand is positioned in a peculiar way. Judging by the way Issac is holding the right hand gun, it doesn't look like he would be able to fire it in an effective manner. Perhaps Issac will be able to carry two weapon like in Max Payne 3, holding the larger rifle in his free hand and using the other for small-arms combat.

Needless to say, Dead Space fans may feel mixed about that changes. While the series was more "action-horror," Dead Space 3 looks to be foregoing horror aspect. Dual-wielding, coop, and combat rolls are the trademarks of an action game, and it's certainly distressing for those who loved the balance the series has achieved. Of course, it's still very early to be judging the game - we still haven't seen any real gameplay - let's just hope Dead Space 3 retains the horror elements that made the series so enjoyable.


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