EA Confirms New ‘Dead Space’ Releasing Before March 2013

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The final frontier will not be safe again soon, Electronic Arts recently mentioned in their latest investor’s meeting that we may see a new Dead Space in our near future. Fans of the franchise have had some time to rest in-between now and two years ago when Dead Space 2 was released, but it may be time to shake off the dust because we may see a new Dead Space by March 2013

Right now it is unclear as to whether this new Dead Space game will be Dead Space 3 or some other variation of the popular franchise. EA had mentioned previously that they want to “expand” the Dead Space series with FPS or an aerial combat spin-off. It would come as no surprise if the new Dead Space game mentioned by EA was in fact Dead Space 3 and not a spin-off.

Not too long ago, Visceral Games posted a job that led us to believe that new Dead Space titles were in the work. It was only late last year that an Israeli news program got to tour Visceral Games headquarters and a viewer spotted a Dead Space 3 logo. Most recently, like God of War: Ascension there was another slip up by a South African retailer who placed Dead Space 3 on pre-order.

Electronic Arts could not promise any confirmation at title names, but in a follow-up email sent to Game Informer after the investor’s meeting, EA pointed fans towards E3 where they will learn more.

“There’s no further information today but watch for several big product announcements from EA at E3 in June.”

What are these big EA product announcements we may hear about at E3? Along with the development and release of a new Dead Space game, Electronic Arts will also be focusing on other big release titles, which could include Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2, a FIFA ’13 with PlayStation Move support, the new SimCity, Medal of Honor: Warfighter (watch the trailer here), and additional content for Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic among many others.

From what we know, the results of Dead Space 2 from EA’s perspective were favorable but not good enough. Dead Space 3 will decide the fate of the franchise and with it, they aim to reach a broader audience – something Capcom is trying to do with their big survival-horror franchise, the Resident Evil games. We could see a possible setting change on an ice planet that would make things a little more interesting, but what gameplay changes will it ship with?

With EA’s promised support of Nintendo’s Wii U – a big focus of last year’s E3 – we can expect many of their upcoming titles to release for that console as well, including Dead Space 3.

If EA comes to E3 2012 with a Dead Space 3 announcement, what would you like to see come from the game that could save the series?

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Source: Game Informer