Isaac Clarke has always been prepared for each Dead Space adventure; his engineering abilities allowing him to use any piece of equipment as a weapon. But with our protagonist now facing off against human enemies, he’s going to need some stronger firepower – and that’s where Dead Space 3‘s pre-order bonuses come into play.

EA revealed the Dead Space 3 pre-order bonuses this morning, which consist of two different weapons. Those who pre-order at GameStop (and likely its EB Games equivalent in Canada) will receive access to the EG-900 SMG, which offers a compact deadly weapon. If you prefer to purchase your games through online retailers, Amazon’s Dead Space 3 pre-order bonus will be the Tesla Enervator. As the name implies, the weapon electrocutes enemies, while also destroying them at the molecular level, causing instantaneous death.

Amazon’s pre-order bonus sounds like it will be an absolute blast to use (no pun intended), whereas GameStop’s offer appears to be more of a variant of the Pulse Rifle. Potential players mustn’t forget that pre-ordering the game also grants users access to the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition, which comes with the First Contact and Witness the Truth suits, not to mention two other weapons, the Negotiator and the Evangelizer.

Pre order Bonus Dead Space 3

It’s unfortunate that players will have to pick and choose which retailer they pre-order Dead Space 3 from in order to get one item over the other, though thankfully it shouldn’t be that difficult of a choice. Knowing EA, both guns will probably be made available as eventual DLC

This is a completely different situation compared to Sony and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time, which featured various, compelling per-order bonuses all exclusive to different retailers. At least in this case the player only has to choose between one of two guns!

With a brand new co-op mode (which can thankfully be played solo) – not to mention a few other changes – we’re quite looking forward to playing Dead Space 3 next year. I know which retailer I’m pre-ordering from (hint: it’s the one with the awesome electrocution gun), how about you?

Dead Space 3 releases February 5th, 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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