It may be the dog days of summer, but the developers of Dead Space 3 are doing everything they can to put an icy chill through gamers’ hearts. The newest dose of screenshots give yet another look at the Necromorphs intent on turning Isaac to mulch, and the new spacesuits and custom weapons that will keep that from happening.

Obviously in a survival horror title (or action-horror, but let’s not get into that) the atmosphere and tone of the game world and its inhabitants are responsible for the majority of the terror players will experience. That’s a fact not lost on the developers at Visceral Games, with two games in the Dead Space series already proof that they know how to give a good scare. While those charged with the task of keeping the fears fresh maintain that they’ve added co-op not to lessen scares, but enrich them,  that doesn’t mean that it’s business as usual for Isaac when it comes to Dead Space 3.

More than a second fighter by his side has been added, but increased customization in the form of a brand new weapons crafting mechanic. As is evidenced by the new screenshots, players will once again have the chance to upgrade or specialize the spacesuits worn by Isaac – whether the same will be available for series addition John Carver is still unknown.

Have a look at the new images released via Visceral’s Facebook page, showing interior environments and a few chilling moments for Isaac without the comfort of a structure between himself and space:

The screenshots speak for themselves: the Necromorphs are just as disgusting and twisted as ever, and Isaac seems just as fearless in taking them on head-first. The slick new suit is undeniably well-designed and edgy, perhaps a sign of the fan input the developers have taken into consideration for Dead Space 3. Isaac’s suit and helmet are nothing short of iconic at this point, but a few suits that put style over utility wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Whether the finished game can be as visually impressive as the screenshots will have to be decided when it is finished and released, but the environments, character models and enemies look set to impress. That in itself is a tall task for the third entry in any series, and Visceral has plenty of future success and business riding on Dead Space 3 finding a larger audience than ever before.

Dead Space 3 releases on February 5, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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Source: Facebook