‘Dead Space 3’ Limited Edition Bonuses Trailer: Special Suits & Weapons

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Electronic Arts‘ Dead Space franchise wasn’t necessarily in need of a change, but developer Visceral Games thought fit to evolve the game’s core concept just a tiny bit (read: a lot). While the systems and mechanics may have changed some, Dead Space 3 is still (allegedly) the survival horror experience that fans have become fond of over the years — one that is about using each weapon smartly and with precision.

To that end, EA and Visceral have released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 that hypes four of the games Limited Edition pre-order bonuses, which should provide any players that purchase them a sizeable advantage. Those four unlocked items are the Witness Suit, the Evangelizer, the First Contact Suit, and the Negotiator.

As Visceral explains, the Witness Suit is intended for the “harsh terrain” of Tau Volantis, the new setting for Dead Space 3. Blistery, sub-zero temperatures are the least of protagonist Isaac’s problems, so it’s best he needn’t worry about staying warm.

To help combat some of those more immediate problems — namely, the necromorphs — the Evangelizer functions as equal parts assault rifle and shotgun to do ranged and up close damage. The Dead Space series has focused a lot of its combat on strategic dismemberment, but the more challenging enemies usually require a lot more firepower.

On the flip side is the First Contact Suit, which will help Isaac survive the equally harsh environments in deep space. While Visceral tends to use space environments sparingly, they are usually rendered to great effect. A suit that presumably grants players a little more oxygen will help make those sequences less about resource management, and more about exploration.

Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Pre Order Bonuses

And finally, the Negotiator is a weapon perfect for the ideal Dead Space player as its electricity-powered blasts assist with that aforementioned dismemberment. Limbs will certainly be flying when this weapon is in the player’s hands.

Players that are interested in picking up the Limited Edition of Dead Space 3 can do so now at the official EA store, which conveniently redirects to the Origin store. No choices need to be made here, though, pre-order and it’s all yours.

Will you be pre-ordering a copy of Dead Space 3‘s Limited Edition? Which of the four bonuses do you think provides the biggest advantage?

Dead Space 3 releases February 5, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: EA