There’s a good chance that those who have already picked up Dead Space 3 are still making their way through the poorly-lit hallways and crumbling spaceships alone, or grinding out co-op achievements with a friend. But for those casually interested in the latest adventure of space-miner Isaac Clarke, but not yet sure if the game is worth their dollar, the latest video series from Visceral and EA should help you decide.

The first video detailed ‘Isaac’s Journey’ in the series thus far, with the newest ones going a bit deeper into the gameplay and scares that can be expected. As the first of the new Dead Space 3 series proves, scaring gamers isn’t just a matter of lighting or enemy design – it’s an art form.

The first video, titled ‘The Art of Scares’ gives a sense of how much art design and light goes into building the atmosphere of tension and suspense with which Dead Space has become synonymous. There’s no denying the effectiveness of an unreliably-lit room, or the truly horrific Necromorph design in putting players on edge, regardless of how many are experiencing it at once. But the video also gives brief glimpses at the true horror Isaac Clarke faces from within his own psyche.

That combination lends to the scares, but Dead Space 3 isn’t all about atmosphere. Isaac’s arsenal and precision with adapted weaponry are largely responsible for building the series’ one of a kind gameplay, and the developers are in no hurry to stray from what brought them their success. ‘Core Gameplay Features’ proves it:

Emphasizing the always-reliable Stasis ability and the benefits of Kinesis, the footage also shines a spotlight on the new and returning weaponry – weaponry that can be expanded upon by the individual player’s own knack for crafting. How effective those tools are when the Necromorphs arrive will be up to the player’s ability to be precise, calm, and most of all, not squealing in terror (not for too long, anyway).

With the recent slew of sequels and trilogies in the triple-A space, it’s likely that Dead Space 3 may be the first title in the series that some gamers pick up, and possibly assume that no homework will be necessary (what do I need to know that Phil Collins and a stare can’t tell me?).

The third video, ‘The Future’ looks at the story that Dead Space 3 will be following, building off of the previous games. It’s filled with spoilers for the game’s plot and first chapters, so if you’re already convinced, stop watching now.

Even for those avoiding extensive spoilers, we’d recommend at least watching the previous Dead Space 3 ‘Story So Far’ trailer, since the plot threads hinted at in the this video may still be lost on many who have never heard of the ‘Unitologists.’ Let’s just say ‘cult’ doesn’t quite describe them.

Have you already picked up your copy of Dead Space 3, and if so, what do you think of it? If you’ve been holding off, is it for any particular reason? Let us know in the comments.

Dead Space 3 releases on February 5 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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