Dead Space 3 May Bring Isaac Clarke Plus One

Dead Space 3 Story Details

It’s been no secret that Electronic Arts would be throwing horror savant Isaac Clarke into another title after the events of Dead Space 2. Walking away with such high marks from our own review staffVisceral Games has taken an appropriate step into the shadows to contemplate the best direction for the franchise, and to guarantee that the next title will be just as prolific as its predecessors.

Though as careful as developers tend to be, slip-ups and speculations will always tend to leak out. With the sighting of a Dead Space 3 banner from an Israeli news program, and a potential new planet for Isaac to stomp around on, it’s left much to the wondering gamer. Though if that wasn’t enough, new information today could have our “fearless” hero falling apart mentally.

Keeping in mind that the information thus far is still unconfirmed and therefore could be considered a Spoiler, it seems that Isaac won’t be entirely alone as he traverses through Tau Voltanis and other areas in Dead Space 3. According to the latest from Siliconera, he’ll be accompanied by his own frayed mind. Either by the events leading up to the third game, or because of the previous two, Isaac’s mind has split, creating what can be described as a “Shadow Isaac.” This fellow will be seen and heard in the dark corners throughout the game, taunting Isaac as he messes up, causes too much noise, and even passes by key items or triggers.

This adds an interesting level of storytelling to the game and the proposed rescue mission, as Isaac’s reason to be on Tau Voltanis is to find and extract an as-of-yet- unnamed woman and return her to Mars. With a warrant out of Isaac’s arrest, it seems the only likely choice he would have, though with his own voice chittering at him throughout the title, it could make things considerably worse to fulfill that singular mission (and that’s before the new “hive” enemy is introduced).

With the slight change in venue and this new potential plot derivative, it could be what EA is looking for to bring the Dead Space franchise to a broader audience. Expanding the universe, creating a new storytelling element that not only exemplifies what the character has been through, but how he’s been through it is something that’s rarely shown.

Sound off below and let us know what you think about the current events, and whether these — potential — pieces within Dead Space 3 will be a “make or break.”


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Source: Siliconera

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