Rumor Patrol: 'Dead Space 3' To Use Frostbite 2

Dead Space 3 To Use Frostbite 2

DICE's Frostbite 2 engine can create some pretty gorgeous visuals, and now the technology may be finding its way into some of EA's other IP's. After a tweet from a DICE employee, it seems that Dead Space 3 may be built on Frostbite 2.

Visceral Games - developers of EA's much loved horror title - aren't just found in Redwood Shores, California, but in Montreal as well. The Montreal Studio worked on Army of Two, but also helped with the development of 2011's Dead Space 2, and now they're looking for more staff to work on the franchise - presumably for Dead Space 3. A listing on the EA Jobs site spells things out clearly enough.

"Dead Space Franchise is currently seeking a Senior Environment Artist opportunity in our Montreal studio."

In addition, DICE employee Johan Andersson (@repi) tweeted that he will be visiting EA studios that are currently using Frostbite 2. His first stop? Montreal. Unless EA has some secret Montreal development team hidden away, it's highly likely that Visceral is using the Frostbite 2 engine - presumably for the aforementioned Dead Space project. There's also a rumored Army of Two sequel in the works, so perhaps the team is using Frostbite 2 for that as well.

"Flying off to Canada & the US to visit a whole bunch of Frostbite-powered EA studios before GDC. First stop: Montreal"

It seems likely that EA would want their studios to start adopting the Frostbite technology. The engine can already perform some amazing feats, and it must be cheaper for EA to use an in-house engine as opposed to licensing others. The recently announced Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be using Frostbite 2, so it seems like EA is trying to make the engine standard across their internal studios.

What does Frostbite 2 mean for the Dead Space 3? Speculation on our part, but it seems unlikely that the horror sequel will offer the same level of destructible environments as the Battlefield franchise - that just wouldn't be the same experience as walking down a blood soaked corridor. What the engine could offer is some amazing sound quality. Battlefield 3 is heralded for its audio effects - add those to the already atmospheric Dead Space franchise and we'll probably have a game that's too scary to play in surround sound. Not to mention Frostbite 2's ability to create some great lighting effects and amazing visuals, all which would lend themselves well to the series.

Dead Space 3 is only rumored to be in development, but it's pretty obvious that EA's got someone working on it.


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Source: NowGamer

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