Dead Space 3 Rumored To Have Co op

With EA announcing a new Dead Space title will be coming next year, fans of the series are no doubt jumping about with glee. Well, brace yourselves: the latest rumors point to Dead Space 3 featuring drop-in and drop-out coop. You heard that right.

Dead Space 3 will see a new character join Issac Clarke in his mission, serving as a guide throughout the main campaign. No name was given, but the man will wear their own RIG suit – though, unlike Issac, this one will emit a red glow from the helmet. When his helmet is off, players can expect to see a lovely scar on his face. We wonder if this is the Shadow Issac that was mentioned a few months ago.

According to IGNs source, this new character will also serve as a co-op partner, with players able to drop in and out of co-op at whim. However, those playing solo will see a slightly altered story. For example, players in co-op will see Issac and the new character appear together in cutscenes,  while those who play solo will only see Issac. As well, Issac’s moments of psychological torment will be absent during co-op play. Well, at least he won’t appear in solo games.

Dead Space 3 Coop Details

The co-op mode will also see players work together to solve puzzles, using some of Issac’s staple abilities such as telekinesis and stasis. Interestingly, once a player goes down they cannot be revived, the checkpoint will instead be reloaded – makes sense considering the gruesome ways Issac can die in the first two games.

Now, I’m an open minded guy; I don’t really have problems with change in a game. If a studio thinks it’s a good idea to “modernize” or “streamline” their games, I’m all for it. But this just seems… off. It’s not that co-op wouldn’t work in the Dead Space universe – it worked well in Dead Space: Extraction– but for the core titles I’ve always felt that it was about the solo experience, being isolated and able to explore the environment at one’s own pace. That said, if what IGN‘s source says is true, then co-op is entirely optional. Let’s just hope there aren’t any co-op only achievements – since some players won’t likely have an interest in playing Resident Evil 5 with necromorphs.

Oh, and apparently Issac is now able to crouch, do evasive rolls and get into firefights with human enemies. Another series of controversial choices.

Ranters, what do you think of these rumors? Is EA making Dead Space too action-centric, or is this the right move for the franchise?

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Source: IGN