'Dead Space 2' Trailer Confirms Something's Wrong With Isaac

Dead Space 2 Trailer Isaac Visions

Dead Space 2 is a frighteningly appealing game; that much is true. The more footage Visceral and EA choose to throw at gamers the more intriguing the sequel becomes. As one of the more successful horror shooters to hit a console in some time, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Dead Space has some fairly large shoes to fill. But if early looks are any indication, Dead Space 2 should fill them nicely.

A newly released trailer for the game ends any discussion once and for all over whether or not Dead Space 2 is going to pack the thrills and the chills.

Those who played the last game will remember that Dead Space’s hero, Isaac Clarke, wasn’t exactly the clear-headed engineer that the game played him out to be. In actuality, his grip on reality was about as tight as his grip on some of the blood-slicked surfaces of the Ishimura.

After having made it through the events of the first game with some semblance of sanity remaining, it’s good to see that Isaac hasn’t completely lost it, yet.  Though, from the first Dead Space 2 trailer, it appears that Clarke’s struggle will not only be with the deviously sneaky necromorphs but with visions of an alien language and crystalline structures.

Get that security blanket and check out the trailer below:


What this means exactly has yet to be revealed but if the first game is any indication, bad stuff will be happening and Clarke’s state of mind will make it worse. This time around, Visceral has done a fantastic job of making a game that was ostensibly a Gears of War shooter without the roadie run feel a bit more fluid and faster paced.

One highlight from the game that is making its return in new and inventive ways is the idea of the “struggle sequence.” Usually what occurs during these parts of the game is that Isaac is pulled out of his traditional over the shoulder view and thrust head or feet first into some sort of crazy situation. The best example seen from the trailer is Isaac bouncing along the sides of a spacecraft.

It’s hard not to get excited, and a little bit terrified, at the prospect of returning to the world of Dead Space. With a demo release hitting before the end of the year, and the finished game only about two months away, it’s high time to hit up a thrift store for some night lights.

What are your thoughts on this newest trailer for Dead Space 2? What do you think is going on in poor Isaac’s mind this time around?

Dead Space 2 releases January 25th, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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