First Look at Dead Space 2: Severed DLC Gameplay Video

Dead Space 2 Severed Lexine Murdoch DLC

Just two weeks ago we got our first look at the upcoming Dead Space 2: Severed DLC. The screens showcased a new necromorph as well as a suit variant, worn by Dead Space Extraction's Gabe Weller, but posed more questions than answers - most notably, where is fellow Extraction character Lexine Murdoch?

Recently, Dead Space 2 Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis took to the youTube digital airwaves to answer fan questions and while he was mum on Severed story details he did give fans a first look at the upcoming DLC chapter - including a glimpse of Lexine and Weller communicating via the holographic display on Weller's RIG.

As mentioned, very little has been revealed about the upcoming Severed DLC - aside from the basic premise: Gabe Weller is stationed as a security guard on the Sprawl, aka Titan Station, when the latest necromorph attack sends the civilian space station into complete disarray.

Players take control of Weller - though it's unclear what his primary mission will be (i.e. survive, rescue Lexine, destroy the marker, etc) as well as how much interplay there will be between the events seen by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 and Weller in the Severed chapters. Will the Severed DLC be more like the opening chapter of the main game, as the Sprawl plunges into total chaos, or will Weller awaken after the necromorphs have pretty much cleaned house?

Check out Papoutsis talking, and showing, Dead Space 2: Severed below (starting at the 1:43 mark):


While ten seconds is certainly short of a definitive look at all that will take place in the Severed DLC, if nothing else, it does appear that Lexine will play an integral part in the unfolding events - at the very least as a "go here" and "do that" navigator-type.

Visceral Games has done an incredible job of interlacing the events of the various games (as well as films, comic books, etc) so it's likely that Severed will at least share some story elements with Isaac Clarke's psycho-trip around the sprawl and dig deeper into the mystery surrounding Lexine - which was hinted at during the events of Dead Space: Extraction.

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Dead Space 2: Severed will hit virtual store shelves "soon."

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