'Dead Space 2: Severed' DLC Screens Revealed

Dead Space 2 Severed DLC First Screens Revealed

Dead Space 2 has been scaring the living daylights out of people for almost two weeks now and there's no doubt that gamers are dying for more.

Interest in the game has even dragged into discussions about theology as Dead Space 2's Creative Director went on record saying Unitology was not based on Scientology.

The same day the game hit store shelves, Dead Space 2: Severed was announced by EA as the first official DLC for the game. Then, a few days later customization DLC materialized in the form of new suits and weapons.

Today, we're finally getting our first glimpse at Dead Space 2: Severed - with the release of three new screenshots.

Check out the images below:

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The images were shared by Dead Space 2's Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis in his latest installment of Questions with Steve. Questions with Steve is a segment that is shared through the Dead Space youTube page - and currently has five installments.

Dead Space 2: Severed will add  two new chapters to the game and will follow Dead Space: Extraction's Gabriel Weller and Lexine Murdoch as they try to get to safety during the events of Dead Space 2. Not much else has been said about the DLC, so it's still unclear what exactly the Severed will entail. The only thing for certain is that players will control once again step into the shoes of Weller. It'll be interesting to see how Lexine factors into the gameplay and whether or not she'll be just a useless companion you have to save or a more proactive member of your group. A partner relationship like that of Resident Evil 0 would be amazing - but that might just be some wishful thinking.

In Questions with Steve, Steve also talks a bit about the origins of the now infamous Finger Cannon. He attributes the original idea to Dead Space 2 Art Director Ian Milham who, when the team was trying to decide how to reward players for beating hardcore mode, held up his hand - index finger and thumb extended in classic cops and robbers fashion - and said that's what they should give players as a reward. To illustrate his point, he pointed his "weapon" and pretended to fire it, in much the same fashion that Isaac does in game, complete with the "bang, bang, bang."

If you want to see the rest of the aforementioned "Questions with Steve" installment, check it out below:

Dead Space 2: Severed is due "soon" for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out our Dead Space 2 review if you're still on the fence about picking up the game - or take Steve's advice and give it to your friends as a Valentine's Day gift (because nothing says I love you quite like the necromorphs).

Are you looking forward to returning to The Sprawl with different characters?

Source: Questions With Steve

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