Dead Space 2 'Ring Around the Rosie' Trailer

Dead Space 2 Ring Around the Rosie Trailer

After an extremely terrifying and compelling E3 teaser, Dead Space 2 has been somewhat absent from the game news scene. Turns out the game was only lurking in the shadows waiting to scare everyone's pants off us with its newest trailer. Set to the tune of 'Ring Around the Rosie' with new haunting verses thrown in for good measure, I suggest you turn all the lights on before hitting play.

Keeping in line with the formula from the first game, this new trailer shows off the eerie corridors gamers have come to expect, but with a few twists. The main set piece of the trailer, a runaway subway car, is certain to add both nail-biting tension and some compelling action. On top of that, certain brief flashes show hero Isaac Clarke getting involved in more hand-to-hand combat than we saw in the first game.


Don’t be put off by the idea of spending your playtime roaming the poorly lit corridors of a similarly decorated space station, because trailers for the game have shown that Isaac will also be exploring the vastness of space in a few select sequences. Visceral Games is pulling out all the stops, even sacrificing the limbs of their own protagonist, to deliver what they hope to be the next entry in a long running franchise of horror shooters.

Beyond just upping the violence and variety of environments, gamers will be able to take their plasma cutter skills online in Dead Space 2's multiplayer mode. Pitting a team of engineers against a team of necromorphs, this objective based variant requires one team to complete a set of objectives while the other team works to prevent completion. Dead Space never screamed multiplayer, but in today’s gaming market it is almost a must. Luckily, Visceral aims to deliver an experience that falls in line with what gamers have come to expect rather than just throwing in a deathmatch mode.

If you enjoyed the trailer and want to submit your own menacing verse to Dead Space 2's version of  'Ring Around the Rosie' just log onto twitter and use the hash tag #deadspace2. I’m going to go buy some nightlights now.

What would be your verse to 'Ring Around the Rosie'? Does Dead Space 2 bring enough innovation to the table to keep you interested?

Dead Space 2 hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 25th of next year.

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