dead space 2 release date e3

Dead Space 2 was shown to an eager crowd during Electronic Arts E3 Press Event earlier today and with it, a firm release date.  Look for this game to hit store shelves January 25, 2011.

The live gameplay demonstration showed Isaac Clarke in his new-fangled armored suit, making his way across various dark and scary rooms, slicing and dicing all the mutated necromorphs that crossed his path.  There were certainly a few cheap scares thrown in for good measure during the presentation, and a heavy helping of “monster closet” moments, but overall it looks to be everything us Dead Space fans want out of the sequel; namely more of the same, but with sharper visuals and a finessed  layer of polish.

The laser cutter is back, as are the projected HUD elements that the first game pioneered to critical acclaim.  Dead Space 2 will take place in the futuristic City called “The Sprawl”, rather than another space vessel.  The live demo concluded with a cliffhanger moment that we were told will continue at the game’s demo booth in the convention center tomorrow.  As for the live demo footage, you can rest assured we’ll have it posted here for your viewing pleasure the moment it is released to the press.

To tide you over, here’s an E3 teaser trailer that shows a necromorph vomiting into Isaac Clarke’s face, which in turn makes him vomit, which then made me vomit.  Enjoy!


So, luckily for Isaac Clarke, he gets to enjoy a few more quiet months of rehab before plunging headlong into the torturous world of sci-fi horror for a second time.  January 25, 2011 is the date for you XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC owners.  There has been talk of a handlheld/mobile version, but this was not mentioned in today’s event.

Dead Space is still one of my favorite games of all time.  I can’t wait for this game, can you?

Source: Kombo