'Dead Space' Save File Unlocks Original Plasma Cutter in 'Dead Space 2'

Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter Unlock

Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke is having a rough couple of days. Not only must the wily engineer battle a race of aliens that want nothing more than to tear him limb from limb - but in Dead Space 2 he must also come face to face with his inner demons.

Visceral Games is pulling no punches this time around as they work hard to top their previous game and prove that Dead Space is deserved of a franchise. Luckily, for any players who played the first title - they will be able to access the iconic plasma cutter from the outset.

Like many sequels, Dead Space 2 will access a player’s save game file from the first title - though this time it isn’t about storyline it’s all about dealing out some gruesome payback. Anyone who has played Dead Space is very familiar with the plasma cutter; a weapon that sends out either a vertical or horizontal blast of energy that severs the many limbs of the necromorphs. It’s a handy little tool and is certainly one of the elements that make Dead Space’s take on the horror genre feel fresh.

In all of this good news there is, unfortunately, one piece of bad news: the save file accessed does not register plasma cutter upgrades - the awarded plasma cutter is purely cosmetic.

Throughout the first game, players were able to increase the maximum ammo and damage of their plasma cutter in order to more effectively dispatch enemies, this bonus only adds the original plasma cutter skin over the same redesigned weapon in Dead Space 2.

dead space 2 plasma cutter


dead space plasma cutter

Despite not being fully upgraded the plasma cutter is still one of the most useful weapons in the game, and should be instrumental in helping unlock some of those achievements and trophies.

Dead Space 2 is one of the first big titles of the New Year, so any players who were interested in the series should quickly make their way through the first game if they want to carry the look of their trusty plasma cutter into the second. Dead Space 1 is a solid horror entry, with both jump scares and a generally creepy atmosphere, in the horror game lexicon, and if the early reviews of the second game are to be believed, Dead Space 2 tops that. Also don't forget that the demo is available now for a brief taste of the scares.

How many of you out there are going to be able to unlock the original plasma cutter skin in Dead Space 2?

Dead Space 2 releases for the January 25th for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: GameSpot [via Joystiq]

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