Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Footage and Details Revealed

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

Two years ago, gamers were treated to a surprise hit with the first Dead Space, which had the perfect combination of atmospheric horror and gory gameplay. Now, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games are attempting to up the ante and strike gold again with Dead Space 2 by adding a robust multiplayer component in addition to their exciting single player.

Visceral Games unveiled a trailer and details about the multiplayer madness for the survival horror shooter through GameTrailers TV. Gamers will be able to play as the human members of the Sprawl security team or as the necromorphs in four-on-four objective based missions. Each map will be a different objectives and each will tie into the single player campaign in some way.  

You'll have to jump around the latest Game Trailer TV episode for the Dead Space 2 footage. Single player stuff is in Chapter 2 and the multiplayer footage is in Chapter 4:

Four types of necromorphs were shown to be playable:

  • The Pack: Creepy little agile monsters who are limited but deadly by jumping on their enemies and temporarily immobilizing them
  • Lurkers: The baby necromorphs from Dead Space return, as they climb on walls and attack from afar with their long range abilities
  • Spitters: The lone female out of the decomposing necromorphs has a combination of long and short range spitting attacks.
  • Pukers: This aptly named necromorph will have the wonderful ability to puke on their enemies as their name suggests.

The traditional Dead Space mechanics will transfer over to multiplayer, such as stasis and primary and alternate fire.

Two out of the five multiplayer maps that Dead Space 2 will include at launch were also shown. 'Titan Mine' gives the humans the task of trying to find three components of a shock mine, then using it to blow open a door for their breakout after they annihilate the necromorphs. 'Escape' finds our humans trying to breach a series of doors so that  they can reach four escape pods, power them on, and get out of there.

It’s not difficult to see the similarity between Dead Space 2’s multiplayer and Left 4 Dead’s versus mode, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The versus mode is a great model for any type of multiplayer in a survival horror game, especially one that happens to be set in space. That being said, I feel kind of apprehensive about the new addition. The atmosphere in the first Dead Space made it absolutely terrifying and playing by yourself was a big part of the tension. Every stressful session with Dead Space would be filled with sweaty palms and permanent goosebumps and I feel that while the multiplayer will be scary, it won't be able to recreate those emotions.

I'm glad that Visceral decided to make the co-op multiplayer separate from the campaign so that the single player experience will be left unchanged. Undoubtedly, multiplayer looks to contain a lot of gruesome fun and even though the terror may decrease while playing with friends, I'm sure it will provide a unique and satisfying experience that's different from the single player campaign.

What do you think Ranters? Are you excited to try out the new multiplayer for Dead Space 2?  Let us know in the comments below.

Dead Space 2 will dismember its way onto the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on January 25th, 2011.

Source:  Game Informer [Via Game Trailers]

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