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It seems like the people a Visceral Games and Electronic Arts can't get enough of torturing poor Isaac. So far both E.A. and Visceral are making good on their promise to provide Dead Space fans with new goodies as the games release date approaches. In an initiative to build more anticipation for the game EA has been releasing short clips showing off actual game-play footage from Dead Space 2.

When EA said that they have been coming up with creative ways to kill the enemy, I didn't think they were talking about Isaac also. In this latest clip, for Dead Space 2, Mr. Clarke encounters a new Necromorph called the Tripod, the name tends to make more since once you actually see the clip. On top of showing another way to dismember Isaac, the clip shows the severe consequence of not being quick to the trigger on this new enemy. Mr. Tripod doesn't seem to go down in the same fashion as the other necromorphs, i.e. severing their limbs. While the video does not show how to take down the new foe, the best guess, purely from observing and my numerous years of gaming would be to hit the glowing yellow target. The clip ends on a cliff hanger by not showing Isaac's gruesome fate. 

I could continue to describe the violence to you Ranters but, as they say, "seeing is believing", so check the clip out for yourselves:


Personally I'm huge fan of EA's new marketing initiative to build hype for the upcoming sequel by continuously releasing short snippets of what Dead Space 2 has to offer. Unlike clips for most games, EA provides us with actual gameplay footage to gaze and awe over (excluding the premiere trailer) instead of CGI and animated cut-scenes. Each clip has the tendency to leave at a cliff hanger, leaving the player to wonder "what happened to Isaac?". Of course the only way to figure out is to purchase the game once it hits the shelves in January, but judging by what EA has shown off so far that wont be a hard decision to make.

Dead Space 2 is set to release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC January 25th 2011.

So do you Ranters feel that EA and Visceral are fulfilling you on new ways to kill Isaac, or do you believe that they can still kick it up a couple of notches?

Source: Destructoid

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